You’ll agree with me when i say we all have that little voice that commands respect and needs to feed almost in every instance of our entire lives. We feed this hunger because it scream out the loudest compare to the personas residing within you. Wake up one day with your motives clear, your goals on the right direction and an ego in the same level as it was yesterday. Open your phone to check what’s new today, the dollar crisis is still raging on, families and innocent children alike still in the UN camps with little or nothing for food. before you know it, you’re on social media and post the first insults that comes into your head. At this point i understand your anger but will that egotistical judgement bring Peace to your thoughts?

perhaps the problem of evil is a human problem, one of an egotistical mind-set, an anthropocentric bent in our thinking and perspective.

― Stephen King and Philosophy

A criminal’s doing, in “his own perspective” is a “just” act. We make selfish decisions without considering the consequences every day in our lives to please our understanding. the smallest decisions for you can make the difference between life and death for someone else. Simple thoughts such as deeming one worthless due to his lack of knowledge or categorizing one as an enemy because he reside on the opposite side of the argument or ideals does not constitute that you’re doing the right thing even if you’re acting on principles. It simply mean your’e considering what you think is right, that selfish reason. However at the end of it all, it still comes between you and how you manage your ego but how can you manage it?

A proper understanding and a sound judgement based on a well thought decision is what can make that critical difference. Pride and ego can blind people and often makes them guilty of unwise choices and rushed decisions that they may later come to regret. deem one as an enemy without a proper ground a decision made based on hearsay can feed your pride and ego. Pride can cloud your judgment and cause emotional stupidity. The only thing worse than wounded pride is taking action based on the state of mind that it creates. A poison among your apples emerges in such  an instances and for a man of responsibility this extends to whom you’re responsible for.Many leaders have severely limited their ability to lead because of pride and ego. And out of uncontrolled ego, one can become so over inflated that he/she can come crashing down like a house of cards if left unattended.

Keeping your ego in check or under control is essential. And to prevent such simple mistakes from dictating you as a person you need to understand that decisions and actions that you take or get involved in with out a sound understanding of the consequences or made out of cheer emotions can be fueled by an out of control ego or blind pride which can be regretful. The problem is, people who are way out of control in this regard are typically too foolish to recognize or admit that they had blundered along the way. Don’t be like them.

Your decisions and perceptions have consequences don’t be a prideful person who project feelings of superiority and unwilling to accept feedback, opinion or criticism. be open to change and adopt to the changes around you. You do not belong to a tribe, you belong to a county. your responsibilities extends beyond yourself. silence that little deceptive voice that prevents you from realizing that the bigger goal we all must achieve is peace and it is not a one man journey. It is a South Sudanese journey.


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